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At the Law Office of Leslie Boykin, you can be assured you have a knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense lawyer. Leslie Boykin carefully and thoroughly prepares each case for the defense, no matter how serious the charges. This preparation often results in discovering strong defense opportunities that can be exploited in the battle for the defense of your case. In many criminal cases, it requires an aggressive approach in order to increase the possibility of a better outcome.
15 Years of Experience

Ms. Boykin has represented over 1000 clients in 6 different counties.

Defining Success

She strives to give her clients the care and attention they deserve, and to keep them informed at every stage of the case's progression.

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My Practice Areas

Bail & Release

No one wants to be stuck in jail. I can help with Personal Bond release and speed the process along with a Waiver of Magistration.


The way drug offenses are handled in the United States is moving towards a more rehabilitative model of Criminal Justice. If you have a drug addiction, I have a network of Substance Abuse service providers who I can refer you to for help, which would not only improve your health, but also could help with the negotiation of your case. On another note, the 4 th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution must be upheld, and I have the capability to analyze the evidence to find violations of this Amendment, thereby getting your case reduced or dismissed.


Although possessing and consuming Marijuana is still illegal in 11 states, Texas is not one of them! However, just because the Texas legislature legalized the sale of hemp, a derivative of the marijuana plant that does not have psychoactive effects and contains less than 3% THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana), possessing “marijuana” with a THC content over this level is still illegal. I handled many Possession of Marijuana cases, and even Driving While Intoxicated cases involving marijuana; even though the State’s approach to marijuana has softened, saving you from any unnecessary hassle or punishment is my goal.


Everything from Shoplifting to Embezzlement; if you’ve been accused of a theft/property-related offense, you need strong legal representation in order to avoid a stigmatizing record that could prevent you from obtaining employment and certain personal loans.


Handling a dispute with violence is never the right answer, but sometimes false allegations of assault are reported, the Accused’s actions are exaggerated, or defenses are ignored. I here to help sort out what really happened, not just what law enforcement was told by the first person who called the police.

Prohibited Weapons

Texans love their guns, but our government continues to put more restrictions on how its residents can buy, possess, use and carry their weapons. Let me defend your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and avoid stigmatizing, long-lasting effects of a Weapons charge and conviction.

Clearing Your Record

Many people who were charged with a crime in the past are unaware that the arrest stays on their record until they do something to remove it. Expunctions can erase and destroy all records of an arrest, and Non-Disclosures can seal arrest records. I handle both these types of Petitions on a regular basis, and will show you a brighter future that’s not longer tinged with records of your arrest incident.

I Look At The Law Differently

What My Clients Say

When I was arrested for a DWI there was no telling what was going to happen to my future as a member of society. After speaking with a few other legal agencies around town I made the decision to hire Leslie J. Boykin. This was because I truly felt that Leslie would hold my best interests in mind when it came to facing the DWI charge. Over all it was an almost year long process that could change moment to moment when present in the courtroom. In the time between court appearances Leslie's office was very helpful and receptive to my questions and concerns. Ultimately I decided to take my case to a jury trial because I had confidence in Leslie's abilities to represent my case in a court of law. After a three day trial the jury ruled a not guilty verdict on the charge of a DWI with a BAC of a .19 that was measured with a breath test. During the trial I felt that win or lose I had hired the best attorney to fight for my case and I would be at peace with either result.
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Before we get to Leslie, let me tell you my story: I was facing multiple drug possession felonies in one of the worst counties in Texas. The dreaded Williamson County. I was in need of some serious legal help and a little luck too. While in jail, a family member found Leslie via a judge's referral who happened to be a family friend. He said: "She is the best and knows Williamson, Travis and Hays Counties better than anyone." A couple of days later, we met Leslie at her office and she walked through what I was facing and developed a strategy to get us the best possible deal. She guided me through all the ways to minimize my charges and relayed those to the court. In total it took nearly a year, but Leslie stuck to her original fees and got 2 felonies and a misdemeanor DISMISSED. I can't thank her enough for the miles driven, hours worked and reassurance provided throughout the entire ordeal. Thanks, Leslie!
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